Keeping a diary has never been so easy…

With Momento in your pocket you can write your diary ‘on the go’, capturing moments whenever you find the time. A beautiful interface coupled with powerful tagging, makes it quick and easy to write about your day and browse moments from your past.

Archive years of your online life in minutes

Connect Momento with social networks, web services and apps to automatically fill your diary with your statuses, check-ins, photos, videos, activities and more. A fast, effective and effortless way to record and remember your life.

  • Tweets from Twitter
  • Facebook Posts
  • Facebook Photos
  • RSS/Atom Feeds
  • Flickr Photos
  • Instagram Photos
  • Foursquare Check-ins
  • Moves Activity & Places
  • Loved Tracks
  • YouTube Videos
  • Vimeo Videos
  • Uber Trips

Essential features

  • Tag people you meet
  • Tag places you visit
  • Tag memorable events
  • Create custom tags
  • Rate moments
  • Reminders
  • Attach photos
  • Passcode & TouchID
  • Landscape support
  • Backup & restore
  • Export data
  • Multiple feed accounts
  • Quick day navigation
TechCrunch Review

“I love this app. I think it’s a near-perfect execution of a very compelling idea.”

MG Siegler, TechCrunch

App of the Year Runner Up

App of the Year Runner Up
App Store Rewind 2011


Gizmodo Review

“A handsome journaling app for chronicling all your activities throughout the day.”

Kyle VanHemert, Gizmodo

Stephen Fry

“Looks & feels great. Love the magical moment when the calendar fills with past data!”

Stephen Fry

Smoking Apples Review

“Grab it fast before it’s pulled off the App Store by Apple for too much awesomeness.”

Ankur Gupta, Smoking Apples

MacFormat Review

“Momento is a brilliant little idea... a traditional journal with metadata and social networks.”

Christopher Phin, MacFormat

AppStorm Review

“No app other than Momento is as inclusive and makes for such a content–rich timeline.”

William Mengers, App Storm

FUEL Review

“With such a solid feature set... I’d have to say that Momento is well worth it.”

Landon Miller, FUEL Your Apps

O’Reilly Review

“Momento is a sleek diary for capturing quick observations, notes, and photos.”

Best App for Personal Journals

Tap! Review

“Wonderful design and a clever concept. It's the memory bank your brain could never hold.”

Alex Cox, Tap!

AppJudgment Review

“It takes the pressure off writing a real paper journal that you have to make time in your life for.”

Annie Gaus, AppJudgment

appSafari Review>

“Momento is gorgeous and easy to use – so what are you waiting for? Get chronicling.”

Julie Guan, appSafari

The Next Web Review

“Momento is an app with real
potential for gaining traction in your
daily life.”

James Glick, The Next Web

Macgasm Review

“I’m in love, and I can’t
believe it, but it’s with a ‘diary’ application.”

Joshua Schnell, Macgasm

148apps Review

“Momento has made it easy to
gather all of my life’s recordings into one place.”

Ryan Wood, 148Apps

MacStories Review

“It could become one of the best applications for iPhone of 2010, it has all the potential.”

Federico Viticci, MacStories

AppSmile Review

“Some of the most beautiful
interface elements yet seen in
an app.”

The App Smile Team

Macworld Review

“Anyone who wants to get into journaling – this is one of the better apps to fill that need.”

John Brandon,

Beautiful Pixels Review

“If diary writing is what the doctor ordered, there couldn’t be sweeter medicine.”

Milind Alvares, Beautiful Pixels

Apps & Hats Review

“I like this a lot and think for modern life it might be the answer to keeping track of what you did.”

Christine Morris, Apps & Hats

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